Proposition – Round 2 Implementation Grant Call for Projects

The Coachella Valley IRWM Program is soliciting projects to include in its Prop 1-Round 2 Implementation Grant application. The Call for Projects is open through May 20, 2022 for applicants that want their projects to be scored, ranked, and included in the Region’s grant application. Applicants must apply online through the OPTI Database.

Grant Summary

Available Funding: $4 million for Coachella Valley IRWM

Minimum Cost Share: 50% of total project cost (full and partial waivers available. To view map of eligible communities, view DWR’s mapping tools for disadvantaged communities, and economically distressed areas.

Eligible Applicants: public agencies, non-profit organizations, public utilities, Tribes, and mutual water companies

Applications Due: May 20, 2022

Project Requirements:

  • Have quantifiable benefits that address critical statewide needs
  • Be consistent with Statewide Priorities
  • Must be complete by December 2027
  • Expected useful life of at least 15 years (if applicable)

For more information about the statewide program: DWR IRWM Prop 1-Round 2 Implementation Grant Website

How to Apply

Apply Online: OPTI Database

Application Resources:

For technical questions about how to create an OPTI account and how to submit a project in OPTI, please contact Arthella Vallarta at [email protected].

For any additional questions about the IRWM Prop 1 Grant, please contact Ivory Reyburn at [email protected] or Katie Evans at [email protected].

To stay informed about potential grant opportunities through the IRWM Program, check the website regularly or join the Coachella Valley IRWM Program mailing list by e-mailing [email protected].

IRWM Funding

Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Planning is a process by which multiple agencies within a region work collaboratively to better the region’s water quality and supply in an inclusive way.  The Coachella Valley Regional Water Management Group includes the valley’s five water purveyors and one wastewater agency, who have come together to improve water resource planning and management for the entire region.

IRWMP Fact Sheet

Prop 1 Funding Map

Prop 1

PROPOSITION 1, the Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act passed by California voters in November 2014. Administered by DWR, Proposition 1 includes funding for the IRWM Grant Program. This bond act provides $7.545 billion for various water related purposes and $510 million for Integrated Regional Water Management Planning efforts. This IRWMP funding is allocated by region with $22.5 million for the Colorado River Region.

Proposition 1 Grant Funding

Grant Solicitation NameNumber of Projects FundedTotal Grant AwardCurrent Status
Planning Grant1$211,982Complete
Prop 1 DAC Involvement3$1,118,030Underway
Implementation – Round 14$3,825,383Underway

What types of projects are contemplated?
The intent of Proposition 1 is to encourage integrated regional strategies for management of water resources. Proposition 1 will fund projects that use multiple strategies resulting in multiple benefits. Such projects would include one or more of the following elements:

IRWM Plan ObjectivePossible Project Elements
Reduce Water DemandAgricultural Water Use Efficiency
Urban Water Use Efficiency
Improve Operational Efficiency & TransfersConveyance
System Reoperation
Water Transfers
Increase Water SupplyConjunctive Management & Groundwater Storage Desalination – Brackish & Seawater
Precipitation Enhancement
Recycled Municipal Water
Surface Storage – CALFED
Surface Storage – Local
Improve Water QualityDrinking Water Treatment and Distribution
Groundwater/Aquifer Remediation
Matching Quality to Use
Pollution Prevention
Urban Runoff Management
Practice Resource StewardshipAgricultural Lands Stewardship
Economic Incentives (Loans, Grants, and Water Pricing)
Ecosystem Restoration
Floodplain Management
Recharge Areas Protection
Urban Land Use Management
Water‐Dependent Recreation
Watershed Management

Underrepresented Communities and Tribes Set-Aside in the Urban and Mulitbenefit Drought Relief Program

The Urban and Multibenefit Drought Relief Drought Relief Program is one of two Department of Water Resources (DWR) drought relief grant programs that offers financial assistance to address drought impacts through the implementation of projects with multiple benefits. Under the Urban and Multibenefit Drought Relief Program, DWR set aside at least $50 million to support underrepresented communities (URCs) and Native American Tribes (Tribes). This set aside will be distributed via the IRWM program. Up to approximately $5 million dollars was available to the Colorado River Funding Area. Allocation of these funds were determined by the Coachella Valley, Mojave, San Gorgonio, and Imperial Regional Water Management Groups. In total, 11 drought relief projects in the Colorado River Funding Area were funded, including $2.2 million for Coachella Valley.

Urban and Multibenefit Drought Relief Founding

ProjectAgencyIRWM RegionAmount
CV Water Counts – Regional Water Conservation Incentive ProgramDesert Water AgencyCoachella Valley$918,984
Well 22 RehabilitationMission Springs Water DistrictCoachella Valley$338,787
Valley View Mobile Home Park ConsolidationCoachella Valley Water DistrictCoachella Valley$600,000
Grant Administration Coachella Valley Water DistrictCoachella Valley$355,000
Well C8 Drilling and EquippingCity of BanningSan Gorgonio$513,000
Juniper Riviera County Water Well No. 03 Profiling and ModificationJuniper Riviera County Water DistrictMojave$198,217
Residential Water Meter Replacement ProgramBighorn-Desert View Water AgencyMojave$235,000
Lucerne Valley Groundwater Recharge ProjectMojave Water AgencyMojave$202,590
Estancia Park Sprinkler ReplacementHeber Public Utility DistrictImperial$130,374
Heber PUD Water Pipeline InstallationHeber Public Utility DistrictImperial$542,184
Bicarbonate Contaminant TreatmentPalo Verde County Water DistrictImperial $250,000
Golf Course Irrigation Efficiency Project – Phase 1City of NeedlesN/A$715,538

Prop 84

PROPOSITION 84, the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Costal Protection Act was passed by California voters in November 2006. Administered by State of California Department of Water Resources, known as DWR, Proposition 84 included funding for the IRWM Grant Program. This bond act provided $5.4 billion for various water related purposes and $1 billion for Integrated Regional Water Management Planning efforts. This IRWMP funding was allocated by region with $36 million for the Colorado River Region and $100m in unallocated funding.

Proposition 84 Grant Funding

Grant Solicitation NameNumber of Projects FundedTotal Grant AwardCurrent Status
Planning Grant1$1,000,000Complete
DAC Outreach Grant1$500,000Complete
Implementation – Round 14$4,000,000Complete
Implementation – Round 28$5,240,000Complete
Implementation – Round 32$5,270,636Complete
Implementation – Round 46$2,361,627Underway