CV IRWM Program is opening the Call for Projects for Underrepresented Communities and Tribes drought projects in the Urban and Multibenefit Drought Relief Program!

The Coachella Valley IRWM Program is soliciting drought relief projects that benefit Underrepresented Communities or Native American Tribes. DWR collectively refers disadvantaged communities, severely disadvantaged communities, economically distressed areas, Tribes, environmentally disadvantaged communities, and fringe communities as Underrepresented Communities. The Call for Projects is open from November 5 to November 19. For information on how to apply, please visit the CVRWMG DAC webpage.
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The Coachella Valley IRWM Region Has Been Expanded

In February 2021, DWR approved the expansion of the Coachella Valley IRWM Region to include the unincorporated communities of Bombay Beach and North Shore. The modified Region boundary now extends south and east and covers the northeastern portion of the Salton Sea within the Riverside and Imperial counties. Communities within these areas will now be able to participate in solving common water management issues and needs and other IRWM-related activities within the Region, including developing projects that will be eligible of IRWM grant funding.
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Stakeholders Invited to Inform 2020 UWMP

For the 2020 planning cycle, six agencies in the Coachella Valley (Coachella Valley Water District, Coachella Water Authority, Desert Water Agency, Indio Water Authority, Mission Springs Water District, and Myoma Dunes Mutual Water Company) are collaborating to develop a Coachella Valley Regional Urban Water Management Plan (CV UWMP). The CV UWMP includes a forecast of a supplier’s water demands and available supplies for the next 20 years, and it provides an assessment of the reliability of those supplies during drought.  The CV UWMP also describes the programs a water supplier has in place to encourage water use efficiency, and it…
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The Colorado River Funding Area Water Needs Assessment is Now Available

The report seeks to characterize the needs of disadvantaged communities in the Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Regions and non-IRWM areas to help determine future funding priorities. The document is available for download in the CVRWMG Library.
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The Coachella Valley awarded $3.8 million in Prop 1-Round 1 Implementation grant funding!

The Coachella Valley IRWM Region was awarded $3.8 million to implement 4 water resources projects, including $1 million to provide safe and reliable potable drinking water to the Castro Mobile Home Park, a disadvantaged community within the City of Coachella. To learn more, visits the IRWM Funding Page
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Welcome to the Coachella Valley Regional Water Management Group website!

The Coachella Valley Regional Water Management Group (CVRWMG) is a collaborative effort led by the five water purveyors and one wastewater agency of the Coachella Valley to implement an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWM) to address the water resources planning needs of the Coachella Valley.

CVRWMG Partners

The CVRWMG’s IRWM Region is located in central Riverside County, within the Colorado River Funding Area, as defined by the Department of Water Resources.  The boundary is chiefly the same boundary as the Whitewater River Basin.

The CVRWMG selected Woodard & Curran, Inc. to prepare the Coachella Valley Integrated Regional Water Management Plan. Woodard & Curran uses a collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach to ensure that the Region’s water issues are thoroughly understood and addressed. Woodard & Curran has been on the forefront of the IRWM program since its inception and is widely recognized as a statewide leader in developing IRWM Plans and securing funds.