Projects How to Submit Projects
The Coachella Valley IRWM region is now accepting projects for the IRWM Plan. Stakeholders may submit water management projects using our online Project Database:

After accessing the Project Database, please click on "Sign Up" to create a new log-in. Our interactive database allows local project sponsors to log-in and add, revise, and submit their project information, as well as view all other submitted projects.

Propositions 84 / 1E

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has released draft guidelines for distribution of competitive grants under Propositions 84 and 1E (available at Proposition 84 authorized $1 billion for the State’s IRWM grant program. The Colorado River Funding Area – which includes the Imperial, Borrego, and portions of Mojave IRWM regions – will receive approximately $36 million over the next few years. Funding awards will be competitive within the Funding Area.

Complimentary grant funds will be provided by Proposition 1E for storm water management and flood control projects. Proposition 1E authorized $300 million for the State’s IRWM grant program. Funding awards will be competitive across the State.

All projects submitted as part of the upcoming Proposition 84 / 1E grant applications must be consistent with the Coachella Valley IRWM Plan – they must be in our online Project Database!

What Types of Activities Are Considered?
Reduce Water Demand
  • Agricultural Water Use Efficiency
  • Urban Water Use Efficiency
Improve Operational Efficiency & Transfers
  • Conveyance
  • System Reoperation
  • Water Transfers
Increase Water Supply
  • Conjunctive Management & Groundwater
  • Desalination – Brackish & Seawater
  • Precipitation Enhancement
  • Recycled Municipal Water
  • Surface Storage – Local
Improve Flood Management
  • Flood Risk Management
Improve Water Quality
  • Drinking Water Treatment & Distribution
  • Groundwater/Aquifer Remediation
  • Matching Quality to Use
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Salt & Salinity Management
  • Urban Runoff Management
Practice Resource Stewardship
  • Agricultural Lands Stewardship
  • Economic Incentives
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Forest Management
  • Land Use Planning & Management
  • Recharge Areas Protection
  • Water-Dependent Recreation
  • Watershed Management